Introducing Postcards from Eyemouth

By Jacob Thompson-Bell and Nick Katuszonek

Postcards from Eyemouth celebrates the town of Eyemouth, Scotland, through music, visuals and spoken word, and we’re asking local residents to help shape this by sharing their stories and perspectives on where they live. The results will be showcased in Spring 2017 at Eyemouth Hippodrome (date tba).

Neither of us is actually from Eyemouth – in fact, we’re both based in Leeds, where we teach at Leeds College of Music (Jake is a composer and Nick is a drummer) – so we were excited to be approached by Ian Todd from Eyemouth Hippodrome back in February, looking for a way of connecting up students and staff at the college with the local arts scene in Eyemouth.

Leeds College of Music

How to get involved

Our idea is to join up Leeds musicians with the communities of Eyemouth by asking Eyemouth residents to write us postcards. Just as you’d write a postcard, post on social media or send photographs home from a trip away, we’re asking people to send us the memories, people and places that make up their personal Eyemouth.

We’ll be getting in touch with local artists, musicians, community groups, schools and all Eyemouth residents with a story to tell or perspective on their home town they’d like to share. We’ll also be distributing postcards to the Hippodrome and we’re hoping to put them around and about in shops and other public places – watch this space! You can also contribute sound recordings, videos, images and more, via our “virtual postcard” or by posting on our Facebook page.

What next?

The Hippodrome, Eyemouth

Everything that happens as part of this project will stem from the “postcards” we collect. As the postcards come in, we’ll be working with Leeds musicians to respond through new music, visuals and spoken word, which will be showcased at Eyemouth Hippodrome in Spring 2017 (date tba).

We think this project is a really exciting opportunity for people to get creative and get talking about what makes Eyemouth important to them, as well as a chance for the young musicians at Leeds College of Music to think about how they can creatively articulate and define the stories, photographs, newspaper cuttings and perceptions of Eyemouth locals.

As the project progresses, we’ll keep posting updates on this blog. Follow our site and Facebook page to get notified when new posts appear.

We’re grateful to Leeds College of Music and Eyemouth Hippodrome for their support of this project.


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