Another visit to Eyemouth

On Wednesday 31 August Jake and I traveled to Eyemouth again to meet with representatives from several local community groups at the Hippodrome and to hand out the starter packs for the project.

Arriving early afternoon in glorious sunshine we explored the town, taking photographs, sketches and sound recordings as well as chatting about the project to local shopkeepers and community workers. No research trip to the seaside would be complete without fish & chips and ice cream (we can both recommend the locally renowned Giacopazzi’s ice cream) as well as a visit to the amusement arcade.

The early evening meeting at the Hippodrome gave us the chance to talk at length with a number of locals interested in the project, and all left with handfuls of postcards and posters to distribute among family, friends and colleagues.

If you feel you have a story, photograph, newspaper cutting etc. that you want to contribute to the project you can pick up a free-post postcard (envelope) at The Hippodrome, Eyemouth museum or Library, alternatively, you can upload via the postcard link.

We are both very excited about creating new music inspired by Eyemouth and we welcome all contributions from both residents and visitors to the town.

Nick Katuszonek, September 2016   

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