Creative Scotland and other updates 

We’re really pleased to have been awarded funding from Creative Scotland, through their Open Project Fund. That means we can be even more ambitious with our performance and exhibition!

Time to announce some artist callouts for local work, an upcoming mini-residency and dates for our exhibition and performance! Here’s a few things for your diaries…

Mini-residency, 14-17 February
Jake and Nick are staying in Eyemouth, collecting ‘postcard’ contributions from residents and visitors in Eyemouth, reflecting on the town, past and present. We’ve got meetings with Eyemouth Yarn bombers and Eyemouth Response Team, plus workshops at Eyemouth High School and Eyemouth Primary School.

Drop in session, 15 February, 18.00-20.00
As part of the mini-residency, we’ll be running a drop in session at the Hippodrome. Come by and contribute your postcard.

Artist callout, 13 Feb – 31 March
We’re looking for creative work by artists, writers and musicians based in Eyemouth. We’ll exhibit a selection of the pieces and make our own ‘translations’ of the imagery, to be interpreted for the musical performance at the Hippodrome in April. Submit your work.

Mini-residency, 3 – 9 April
Nick and Jake will be staying in Eyemouth again, collecting more contributions. Get in touch if you’d like us to meet with your group.

Postcards from Eyemouth performance and exhibition launch, 22 April
We’re bringing up 10 incredible musicians from Leeds to give musical response to all the postcards we’ve received. You’ll be able to pick up copies of our brand new postcard scores,  check out our exhibition of materials collected, and see how your contributions have been woven into the project. Tickets available soon to book for free on the Hippodrome website…

Eyemouth musician workshop, 23 April
Musicians of Eyemouth, come and explore the scores we’ve created! Nick and Jake will be at the Hippodrome to discuss musical interpretations. More info via our Facebook page.

P.s. You might have noticed we’ve got a new and improved logo and design for the project. Hope you like it!

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