Getting ready for workshops…

Jake and I have been planning for our mini-residency this week in Eyemouth. If you’d like to learn more, come along to our drop in session at the Hippodrome on Wednesday 15 February, any time between 6-8pm. 

We’ve been focusing a lot of time on the workshops that we’ll be running at both Eyemouth primary and secondary schools, which will centre on getting the students to document their perceptions of Eyemouth and the surrounding area in various forms.

Some classic graphic scores by Earle Brown, 1952-3

Preparing for these workshops has involved revisiting some of the graphic scores (combining music notation and visual imagery) and text-based pieces that were so inspirational in my own journey into different ways of creating scenarios where music can happen. In attempting to look at these scores from a child’s perspective the numerous readings and interpretations become even more apparent.

I’m very excited about introducing the concepts to the young learners in Eyemouth and seeing how, in response, they can come up with similar and hopefully new ways of documenting their perceptions of the sounds, smells and images of their home town.

Nick Katuszonek, February 2017

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