Getting ready for workshops…

Jake and I have been planning for our mini-residency this week in Eyemouth. If you’d like to learn more, come along to our drop in session at the Hippodrome on Wednesday 15 February, any time between 6-8pm. 

We’ve been focusing a lot of time on the workshops that we’ll be running at both Eyemouth primary and secondary schools, which will centre on getting the students to document their perceptions of Eyemouth and the surrounding area in various forms.

Some classic graphic scores by Earle Brown, 1952-3

Preparing for these workshops has involved revisiting some of the graphic scores (combining music notation and visual imagery) and text-based pieces that were so inspirational in my own journey into different ways of creating scenarios where music can happen. In attempting to look at these scores from a child’s perspective the numerous readings and interpretations become even more apparent.

I’m very excited about introducing the concepts to the young learners in Eyemouth and seeing how, in response, they can come up with similar and hopefully new ways of documenting their perceptions of the sounds, smells and images of their home town.

Nick Katuszonek, February 2017

Creative Scotland and other updates 

We’re really pleased to have been awarded funding from Creative Scotland, through their Open Project Fund. That means we can be even more ambitious with our performance and exhibition!

Time to announce some artist callouts for local work, an upcoming mini-residency and dates for our exhibition and performance! Here’s a few things for your diaries…

Mini-residency, 14-17 February
Jake and Nick are staying in Eyemouth, collecting ‘postcard’ contributions from residents and visitors in Eyemouth, reflecting on the town, past and present. We’ve got meetings with Eyemouth Yarn bombers and Eyemouth Response Team, plus workshops at Eyemouth High School and Eyemouth Primary School.

Drop in session, 15 February, 18.00-20.00
As part of the mini-residency, we’ll be running a drop in session at the Hippodrome. Come by and contribute your postcard.

Artist callout, 13 Feb – 31 March
We’re looking for creative work by artists, writers and musicians based in Eyemouth. We’ll exhibit a selection of the pieces and make our own ‘translations’ of the imagery, to be interpreted for the musical performance at the Hippodrome in April. Submit your work.

Mini-residency, 3 – 9 April
Nick and Jake will be staying in Eyemouth again, collecting more contributions. Get in touch if you’d like us to meet with your group.

Postcards from Eyemouth performance and exhibition launch, 22 April
We’re bringing up 10 incredible musicians from Leeds to give musical response to all the postcards we’ve received. You’ll be able to pick up copies of our brand new postcard scores,  check out our exhibition of materials collected, and see how your contributions have been woven into the project. Tickets available soon to book for free on the Hippodrome website…

Eyemouth musician workshop, 23 April
Musicians of Eyemouth, come and explore the scores we’ve created! Nick and Jake will be at the Hippodrome to discuss musical interpretations. More info via our Facebook page.

P.s. You might have noticed we’ve got a new and improved logo and design for the project. Hope you like it!

Another visit to Eyemouth

On Wednesday 31 August Jake and I traveled to Eyemouth again to meet with representatives from several local community groups at the Hippodrome and to hand out the starter packs for the project.

Arriving early afternoon in glorious sunshine we explored the town, taking photographs, sketches and sound recordings as well as chatting about the project to local shopkeepers and community workers. No research trip to the seaside would be complete without fish & chips and ice cream (we can both recommend the locally renowned Giacopazzi’s ice cream) as well as a visit to the amusement arcade.

The early evening meeting at the Hippodrome gave us the chance to talk at length with a number of locals interested in the project, and all left with handfuls of postcards and posters to distribute among family, friends and colleagues.

If you feel you have a story, photograph, newspaper cutting etc. that you want to contribute to the project you can pick up a free-post postcard (envelope) at The Hippodrome, Eyemouth museum or Library, alternatively, you can upload via the postcard link.

We are both very excited about creating new music inspired by Eyemouth and we welcome all contributions from both residents and visitors to the town.

Nick Katuszonek, September 2016   

Introducing Postcards from Eyemouth

By Jacob Thompson-Bell and Nick Katuszonek

Postcards from Eyemouth celebrates the town of Eyemouth, Scotland, through music, visuals and spoken word, and we’re asking local residents to help shape this by sharing their stories and perspectives on where they live. The results will be showcased in Spring 2017 at Eyemouth Hippodrome (date tba).

Neither of us is actually from Eyemouth – in fact, we’re both based in Leeds, where we teach at Leeds College of Music (Jake is a composer and Nick is a drummer) – so we were excited to be approached by Ian Todd from Eyemouth Hippodrome back in February, looking for a way of connecting up students and staff at the college with the local arts scene in Eyemouth.

Leeds College of Music

How to get involved

Our idea is to join up Leeds musicians with the communities of Eyemouth by asking Eyemouth residents to write us postcards. Just as you’d write a postcard, post on social media or send photographs home from a trip away, we’re asking people to send us the memories, people and places that make up their personal Eyemouth.

We’ll be getting in touch with local artists, musicians, community groups, schools and all Eyemouth residents with a story to tell or perspective on their home town they’d like to share. We’ll also be distributing postcards to the Hippodrome and we’re hoping to put them around and about in shops and other public places – watch this space! You can also contribute sound recordings, videos, images and more, via our “virtual postcard” or by posting on our Facebook page.

What next?

The Hippodrome, Eyemouth

Everything that happens as part of this project will stem from the “postcards” we collect. As the postcards come in, we’ll be working with Leeds musicians to respond through new music, visuals and spoken word, which will be showcased at Eyemouth Hippodrome in Spring 2017 (date tba).

We think this project is a really exciting opportunity for people to get creative and get talking about what makes Eyemouth important to them, as well as a chance for the young musicians at Leeds College of Music to think about how they can creatively articulate and define the stories, photographs, newspaper cuttings and perceptions of Eyemouth locals.

As the project progresses, we’ll keep posting updates on this blog. Follow our site and Facebook page to get notified when new posts appear.

We’re grateful to Leeds College of Music and Eyemouth Hippodrome for their support of this project.